Thursday, February 25, 2021

Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog. My name is Dr. Richard Works. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am a devoted Christian. I'm a husband, father, traditional, conservative, Southern Baptist, Republican, Gideon, and a Southern Gospel pianist. My hobby and interest is stock trading. That's my main activity and where my heart is in terms of a career. There are other side gigs that I currently do for income (at least for now), but my main focus is stock trading (that's most important and takes precedence). My side gigs include working in academia as a MBA finance professor and working in government statistics as an economist, but both of those activities are just side sources of income temporarily while I build my stock trading business.

I'm an independent retail stock trader because I did what we're taught by the system. I went to school and earned a doctorate, and then obtained respectable employment within the government and even stayed in academia part-time as well. However, my earnings are less than $150k per year. This is a good salary, but student loan payments and higher cost of living in Washington DC is such that this pay doesn't seem like a lot of money. So, I feel that the system lied to me and cheated me. Thus, I am working to build my own business so that I can get out of the system and work for myself instead of for some organization that may wish to restrict my personal liberties. With my education in finance, the business of my choice that I am building is stock trading. That way I'm not wasting my time working for someone else and can make a good living from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, as a born again believer, I put 100% faith and trust in the Word of God, which is the Holy Bible. And in God's Word, He promises to make those successful and prosperous when they build a relationship with Him in obedience and be a generous giver. In fact, He says that to the sinner He gives the task of collecting wealth to give it over to the ones who please Him. Therefore, as I build my relationship with Him in obedience and be a faithful giver to the church and the poor, I am promised to be successful in what I do and be prosperous, and what I do is stock trading. I see stock trading as the perfect way the Lord can accomplish His promise. This is the easiest way that the Lord can take from those that do not please Him and give to me as I please Him. So, I'm excited to one day soon be financially free.

If the Lord sees fit, I would love to quit all other avenues of employment within the next three years and solely focus on stock trading as my full-time career by 2025. Stock trading is where my heart is, and right now, I feel that I'm wasting time in the other activities, but those side gigs are what's needed at the moment to pay the bills. But that will soon change because I am promised by the Lord to have life more abundantly and be successful in what I do as I grow in Him, and what I do is trade stocks.

You may disagree with me, and that is fine. Just keep your thoughts and comments to yourself because I couldn't care less what you think about me or my thoughts above. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus because you are contradicting the Word of God if you disagree with that because I have verse after verse that verifies it. So if you were to tell me that it's not true, then I will rebuke you face-to-face along with the demonic forces that are speaking through you to influence me to doubt the Lord God. I trust God and the Word of God only. If you want Biblical proof of the promise that I'm clinging to above, then visit the notes on my study of Biblical Finance. They can be found here:

Thank you for reading.