Monday, March 22, 2021

Come Quickly Lord Jesus

This blog is about me wanting to be a millionaire stock trader for the sole purpose of giving and financing the spreading of the gospel. I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart and I hate wasting my time in a meaningless job when there's a much better life that I desire. However, here recently, I've had a great longing in my heart to go home. I want to be in Heaven with Jesus more than anything in the world. If God the Father decides not to send Jesus for the church during my lifetime, then yes, I want to be a millionaire stock trading Christian philanthropist. However, I would much rather prefer that Jesus return very soon and take home his church.

I absolutely hate being on this earth. I am ready to get forever started. I can't wait until I'm with the Lord and this place is barely a memory. I'd prefer not to remember it, and just know my life in Heaven. Everything here has been terrible. Sin is running rapid and the majority is falling for it, supporting abortion, homosexuality, and other unholy things. I just want to leave. I wish people would accept Jesus and change, but it is written and that will not happen. Only a few will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The majority of the people will spend forever burning in hell because they refused God's will.

I want more than anything to be with Jesus, in His presence, and living in Heaven. I am ready to get forever started where there will be no sin. But if God doesn't have plans for Jesus' return during my lifetime, then I want my dream of being a millionaire stock trader. I don't want to waste more time in a meaningless job that I hate, when I know that I could be trading a few hours a day for my total income and then spend the remaining time of my day doing ministry work, and to also use money received from trading to further spread the gospel. This is where my passions are.


I am looking for him to return everyday and everyday he doesn't, I am greatly disappointed, but will continue to strive to take money from the unrighteous through my trading activities as He promised he would do for those that please him. And since I've put my complete faith in Jesus, then according to his word, I am the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus.

More than anything, I just want to go home to Heaven to live in the Kingdom of God under the monarchy of Jesus Christ.