Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Natural Born Leader

I am not a natural born leader. I know and accept that. This is the fate the Lord has bestowed upon me. God did not create me to be a leader. I realize that and accept it, and I'm fine with it. I have come to terms with it. However, I would love to change it and be a leader that people would want to follow. But I realized that I have no charisma, and with my looks and personality, I am not a person that people see as cool and say "hey, I want to follow him." But, I am a hard worker when I'm passionate about something, and I've always had the tendency of being the number two person that carries out the plans of the leader. So, if you're like me and strive to lead, but people just don't naturally follow you, then it's ok. Just do what you can do, and help someone that God has destined to lead.

For example, Moses was a leader but his brother Aaron was someone that helped carry out what Moses decided (upon receiving a word from the Lord). I see myself as Aaron. I don't have the vision for a big plan, but I can get behind someone that does and do an outstanding job supporting them. Unfortunately, in today's world, if you're not a leader then you are not a high quality employee. Also, if you're not a leader, then you'd be stuck in dead end jobs, making no money and no hope for a future. But that's not acceptable to me.

If you're like me, then I recommend getting as much education as possible. For me, even though I'm not a natural born leader, at least I did the work that's required for people to address me as doctor. So, that's at least something. Even though I'm not followed by anybody, I do support leaders and have been put it very good positions to advise and such due to my willingness to support/serve and because of my education. So, if you're like me, there is at least some good you can get involved in. Albeit, as with me, without being a natural born leader, opportunities will still have a cap on them financially, which I disagree with.

You often hear people say "you can be whatever you want to be." But this is an absolute lie. No matter what I do and how hard I try, I could never be a professional athlete or a professional actor. Why, you ask. Because that's not what God designed me for. You cannot be anything you want to be. You might can select from a few options what you might do, but you're limited to selecting within the areas that God created you for. If you believe that you can be whatever you want to be, then you are believing a lie that the system has created to keep you trying to do something that you'll never be able to achieve because God didn't create you for something like that.

Why am I writing this post? To let you know that it's ok to be a normal, average person. When I was growing up, I wanted to be Anthony Burger. Then more recently, I'd rather have the life of Timothy Sykes. But, I know that I'll never be like them because I am not a natural born leader or a person that people follow, and that's ok. But when it comes to trying to be like Anthony Burger, I'll just play Southern Gospel piano like him and enjoy my own playing, and maybe a few people at my church would enjoy it. It's ok that I'll never have his size audience. When it comes to being like Timothy Sykes, I know that I'll never have a following like him because I'm not someone that anyone would want to follow. But, I can work hard to develop my stock trading skills and make tons of money without having a following.

That's why I choose stock trading. It is my passion. And, I am not limited by the money I can make as I am with a normal job. I can be an average person without the makeup of a leader and still become a millionaire without a lot of people following me. I am fine and ok with that. That is what I'm working toward. If I die without making this a reality, then I will see my life as having failed and wasted time. If I have to spend the rest of my life in a job working for somebody else, then I would have failed and wasted my life. So, I am passionate about trading stocks for a living. This is the most important thing in my life because when I get to where I'm planning, I'll have the freedom to do meaningful things that I can't do while wasting my time working for someone else for pennies.