Wednesday, April 7, 2021

My Dream

This is my personal blog, and thus far, it has mostly been about my desire to become a full-time stock trader. What does that mean? It means that I want 100% of my income to come from stock trading. That's my heart's desire. Why do I want 100% of my income to come from stock trading? Because after learning from TradeWay and Timothy Sykes, I've learned that trading stocks as a career can provide substantial income while giving you the freedom of not having a job for money. So, my heart's desire is to be a full-time stock trader, making my 100% living from trading stocks a few hours per day. I am praying and asking the Lord for this to become a reality soon.

So, when the Lord makes this a reality and I'm not having to "work" for a living, but instead can make my income from trading stocks, what will I do with my time? For the past year, the Lord has laid this whole idea on my heart and mind, and I'm sharing it with you today. I feel that the Lord does not want me wasting time in my current jobs because they are not doing anything for him. And I agree with the Lord because I feel that my current occupations are a huge waste of time (in the long run, nobody cares). I could be doing something much more meaningful with my life. But I need my current occupations right now to pay for my living expenses. So, I'm stuck until the Lord blesses my efforts in stock trading to the extent that I'm asking.

What the Lord has laid on my heart for the past year is to go into church work. When I'm able to earn my living by stock trading a few hours a day, the rest of my "working time" during the day can be spent in church and ministry work. I have asked the Lord to bless my stock trading so that I can become a millionaire. The reason I want to become a millionaire is because I want to do as the Lord demanded and create an inheritance for my children's children. Also, I want to have the money to support and start new ministries. I would love to fund Cross International. I would also like to replicate what my friend Rusty Price did in Charlotte, NC with his Camino Community Center. I would like to replicate that idea in other places around the country. My wife is from Chile, so I would love to establish a soup kitchen there to keep the poor and have her family run it, while having missionaries in the area come and spread the Gospel. I would also like to get involved with the agency that builds wells in Africa, and the agency that feeds children and sends them to school. Also, as a lifetime Gideon, the Word of God is most important to me, so I want to get involved with the agency that translates the Bible, and I would love to personally fund the translation of the Bible in all remaining languages. But, none of these dreams will come to pass until the Lord blesses my stock trading efforts to a huge degree.

In addition to using my millions to support ministries, I also want to have a farm for myself and my family. My daughter loves animals, and especially horses, so I would love to have a farm full of animals, and I would hire ranch hands and other workers to take care of things because I don't know how since I never lived on a farm. But my daughter is currently helping at a farm, and I believe this is something that she would enjoy and might would want to make a future out of.

So, now for my new big idea. When the Lord allows me to trade for a living, I want to spend my time doing church work. I have a desire to help people. I've reached out to my pastors recently to get their thoughts and opinions, and after much discussion with several people that I highly respect, I believe that the most usefulness that I can be, and the greatest need in the church is for me to work as a non-preaching pastor, doing counseling and executive administration. Right now I'm looking into seminary training, and after much review over the past few months, I believe I've settled on two degrees from Liberty University. To accomplish what I believe the Lord has put in my heart, I believe I'll need a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) in Pastoral Counseling, and a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University. With this training, I believe that I will be equipped to counsel others, and this skill will add to my position as an elder, and will also be very useful if the Lord decides to put me in a pastoral position.

Having these two seminary degrees combined with my three business degrees will greatly equip me to serve the church in administration, organization, finance, and counseling. This is what the Lord has laid on my heart over the past year and I believe that it's him that's wanting me to seek this avenue. Therefore, as I continue in my current occupations, I plan to enroll into these two seminary degree programs, which will take four years to complete both. Additionally, I will continue to build my stock trading skills. Hopefully when I finish the D.Min., then I'll be able to resign from my current occupations and trade stocks for a living while working in a pastoral capacity and supporting other ministries from my millions that I believe the Lord is going to give me. Plus, I have a huge desire to help the poor, meaning that if I'm counseling someone (or a married couple) that is having financial problems, I would love the opportunity to counsel them and also give them money to help them, but without them knowing that the money came from me. I desire to be a stock trading millionaire pastor because I believe I can help a lot of people for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, as in Exodus 35, I am asking my Heavenly Father, the Lord God Almighty, in the name of Jesus Christ, to fill me with his spirit of wisdom and understanding, in knowledge and all manner of workmanship in the area of stock trading. I ask that he put in me the ability to trade successfully and fill me with the skill to do all manners of successful stock trading in both bear (negative) and bull (positive) markets. As I please him in seeking seminary education, supporting ministries, and wanting to volunteer in pastoral counseling, I'm asking him to do as he has promised in his word and take from the unrighteous and give to me through stock trading.

I want this to come to pass with all my heart. Please Lord, I beg you to let me become a millionaire stock trader so that I can support ministries and bless others. It's my heart's desire to see the people of your church to have financial relief, and with millions coming from the unrighteous to me, I am more than happy to make this happen and give as you direct. Thank you Father in advanced for what you're going to do in my life. Thank you for allowing me to get these two seminary degrees. Thank you for the millions of dollars that you're bring to me from the unrighteous through stock trading. Thank you for what you're going to do in the ministries that I'll be supporting. Thank you for the lives and the families that I'll be able to help in counseling. I praise you for letting me be a small part in your plan to make a difference for others. In Jesus’ name I declare and claim this and speak it into existence.