Sunday, May 16, 2021

The journey begins...

Well it's finally here. Tomorrow is when I begin seminary. I've already posted the courses that I'm registered for. I signed in today and started looking things over. I'm very excited. I intend to give this my all, which is something I didn't do during my business studies. I believe seminary is much more rewarding. I've also already registered for the fall semester. Here are my courses for that semester.

  • EVAN 525 Contemporary Evangelism
  • NBST 610 Hermeneutics
  • NGRK 505 Greek Language Tools
  • OTCL 505 Hebrew Language Tools

Pray for me that I'll be able to keep up with everything in my life. I have a lot going on, but truly feel the Lord leading me to complete seminary. I trust this will make me a better elder at my church and a more appreciative Gideon with a stronger desire to spread the word. Since I've started this and it's one of my long-term goals, I'm also still asking the Lord for his financial blessings through my stock trading so that one day I'll be able to trade stocks for my complete 100% living income and then serve a church in some pastoral or similar capacity.