Research Profiles

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Academic Articles

  1. “Compensation trends into the 21st century.” Beyond the Numbers, Mar. 2019. [link]

  2. "How social capital, supply chain integration, and customer loyalty affect performance." International Journal of Economics and Business, Dec. 2018. [link]

  3. "Trends in employer costs for defined benefit plans." Beyond the Numbers, Feb. 2016. [link]

Magazine Articles

  1. “Emerging employment trends in the nuclear power industry.” HR Professionals Magazine, Feb. 2021. [link] [link2]

  2. “Emerging trends in the Accommodation sector.” HR Professionals Magazine, Sept. 2020. [link] [link2]

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Conference Papers

  1. "An empirical study of Japanese and South Korean exchange rates using the sticky-price monetary theory." International Academy of Business Review, Nov. 2016. [link]

Doctoral Dissertations

  1. "Econometric modeling of exchange rate determinants by market classification: An empirical analysis of Japan and South Korea using the sticky-price monetary theory." Capella University, Dec. 2016. [link]

Research Summaries

  1. “Consumer inflation during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Monthly Labor Review, Apr. 2021. [link]

  2. “Older workers and nontraditional jobs.” Monthly Labor Review, Mar. 2020. [link]

  3. "Examining the market power of on-demand labor platforms in the gig economy." Monthly Labor Review, Jul. 2018. [link]

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  8. "Does paid family leave increase leave taking among fathers?" Monthly Labor Review, Feb. 2016. [link]

  9. "The satisfaction of retirement." Monthly Labor Review, Nov. 2015. [link]

Book Reviews

  1. “Review of Social Capital 2.0.” ICON, Jun. 2019. [link]

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Informative Highlights

  1. “Private employer costs for pay and benefits were $42.06 in New England in September 2018.” The Economics Daily, Jan. 2019. [link]


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